Tracing Nepal Bags
Singhadevi students with their new Tracing Nepal bags in 2014

Tracing Nepal EXPLAINED

We believe that travel can go a long way in supporting people and communities and as a tool for development. Since 2014, we have been partnering with organisations and villages where we know our stay and financial contribution make a positive contribution towards their operation. More importantly, by being in places such as Maya Universe Academy, Dobate Village, Majhi Gaun or Sablakhu Gau, we are learning by being there and learning from those who know it best. Our unique itinerary is also a way for you to see more of Nepal beyond the urban cities; stepping away from the common imagery of Nepal that is often presented in the media.

Beyond financial contribution through the actual Tracing Nepal experience, our four experiences so far have been able to support Children and Youth First, Maya Universe Academy, Singhadevi Madhyamik Vidhyalaya, Educating Nepal and Early Childhood Development Centre through financial contribution. In 2014, the Tracing Nepal 2014 team also distributed over 180 school bags to students of Singhadevi in Sablakhu Gau. Our give-aways have been supported not only by the Tracing Nepal experience but also through our global Tracing Nepal family through IndieGogo online fundraiser and our associated sponsors. In 2016, in collaboration with Helambu Education and Livelihood Partnership, Tracing Nepal distributed 51 school bags as part of the ‘School In A Bag’ Initiative to students of Life Vision Academy. The funds raised from the Tracing Nepal 2016 fundraiser supported the academy and Singhadevi Madhyamik Vidhyalaya in Sablakhu. The funds was also able to establish the Tracing Nepal Scholarship which currently supports Sudip Kulung, a student at LVA/CYF.


Artwork by friends of Tracing Nepal from 2014


CYF/LVA’s Sudip Kulung, the recipient of Tracing Nepal Scholarships essay.
During a handover of school equipments at Sablakhu Gau in 2016





Tracing Nepal 2017 – Video by Tina

Tracing Nepal 2016 – Video By Rasna

Tracing Nepal 2014 Videos


A Complete Experience

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