The travel experience is aimed at Nepalis living outside of Nepal to experience Nepal like never before! As team members, you will meet fellows from across the world and work alongside our partner non-governmental organisations to see their incredible work as well as get your hands dirty! Daily duties can range from construction, agriculture, education to awareness and activism. We believe that it’s important for us to see the breathtaking vistas that Nepal offers and our trip this year will highlight the hills and plains of Nepal.


  • Foster cultural understanding and appreciation by facilitating connections and interactions between Nepalis living abroad and their homeland. 
  • Empower and support the partner NGO’s, Children and Youth First and Sano Paila, in their efforts to uplift the lives of children and youth in Nepal.
  • Promote personal growth and self-discovery through immersive experiences that encourage participants to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new challenges.
  • Celebrate the diversity and heritage of Nepal by showcasing the traditions, cuisine, and art forms of various ethnic communities.
  • Create a platform for individuals to explore their Nepali identity, reconnect with their roots, and forge lifelong connections with fellow Nepalis from around the world.
  • Contribute to sustainable development initiatives in Nepal by raising awareness, collaborating with local communities, and implementing projects that have a positive and lasting impact.


The annual travel experience began in 2014 and we have successfully completed five Tracing Nepal programs bringing over fifty team members and team leaders from UK, USA, Belgium, Germany, Bulgaria, Hong Kong and Singapore. We LOVE to mix things up with Tracing Nepal and you will find that our itinerary changes every year! Since our beginning we have worked alongside Maya Universe Academy, Sablakhu Gau (Taplejung), Red Panda Network, Children and Youth First and Educating Nepal.


While the Tracing Nepal experience does come with a cost, we believe that the investment is well worth it for the incredible journey that awaits you.
The 2023 program is priced at £800 UK Pounds per person, which includes your accommodation, food, and transportation for nearly two weeks.
This fee excludes international flights. What this does include is your accommodation, food and transportation for thirteen days!
As an organization, our mission is to bridge purposeful travel with genuine organizations, and the travel fee you pay goes towards supporting our partner NGOs and their operations, as well as covering the costs of your stay and food during the program. A portion of the fee also goes towards a donation we make to our partner organizations, allowing us to contribute to the incredible work they do in Nepal.


Tracing Nepal 2023 – The Return, is set to be our most exhilarating journey yet! From Sunday, October 1st till Friday, October 13th, team members will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the local communities and make a meaningful impact on the lives of those we work with.
The experience will kick off with team members spending time at Children and Youth First in Bade Gaon, Godawari, followed by an exciting journey to Sano Paila in Birgunj. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to participate in the thrilling Birgunj Race and embark on an adventure to a luxurious resort in Chitwan, where you’ll be able to take in the breath-taking beauty of this stunning region.
But please note, this is not a holiday! We are looking for determined and driven individuals who have something to offer to the experience. With only elevent spaces available, we encourage interested individuals to apply online through our website as soon as possible.
Join us on this incredible journey, and become part of the Tracing Nepal family!
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